Dogs with high temperament and how to control them.

Dogs with high temperament and how to control them.

I have always seen people asking the nature of the dog before they pet them.
Do you know why there are certain breeds blame for being aggressive or ferocious. Where there is no reason to blame dogs for it. The owner is completely responsible for the behaviour of the dog.

Aggressive Dog Breed. 

Chow Chow
Chow chow is non-sporting, medium sized dog according to AKC.
The origing of Chow Chow is unknown but it’s belived that they came from china or mangolia. They are often use as guarding or herding dogs.
Chow chow are assertive and aggressive and need very strong guidance and training.
It’s not recommended if you are first time dog owner.


Doberman Pinscher
They are very intelligent, strong and protective against their owners. And go well kids if you mix up with them.
They are medium sized dogs originated from Germany and the man name Karl Louis Doberman is creadited for devloping the dog.
This man was a tax collector and wanted a dog that could protect him as he visited most dangerous areas. And yes indeed he played his role well.
Doberman are usually used for guarding and police dog.

American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier
It’s a medium sized dogs originated from American and comes under Terrier Group.
They are aggressive and guarding and can directly attack strangers.
They were used for Dog fighting but later in America it was banned. The second strans of this breed is much smaller and calm as compared to the previous.
If you are not sure to buy them for your family do check their pedigree before you get them.

Siberian Husky 
This medium dogs comes under the category of Working group and originated from Siberia and used to pull sleds for long distance.
They are mild and calm in nature but not go well with other dogs.
They are good with kids but are protective. They have a provoke personality.

This calm and playfully looking dog can be aggressive if not given much time by their owners. Dalmatian are very energetic and need some exercise to release their energy. They are good with Childers.
The origin of the Dalmation is unknown but the same dog has been seen in the Egyptian Tomb walls painting. They have been used guarding passengers and cargo since 18th Century.

Belgian Malinois 
This medium sized dogs comes under herding group and originated from Belgian.
They are very enthusiastic, active and quick dogs. This breed is not suitable with family of small kids. And has a personality which only their owners can meet.

Bully Dog/Pakistani Bully /Bully Kutta
Large sized working dog Originated from Indian Subcontinent from 16th Century. And is generally used for Guardian and hunting.
This dog is very popular in Pakistan, Delhi and Haryana. And still used for fighting with bulls.
And this dogs are not recommended for families as they are inheritance is for guarding and fighting.

German Shepherd
GSD origin can be traced Karlsruhe, Germany in the 1800s. During World War they were used by both German and French military.
They were 1st to guard blinds. Very faithful, Intelligent and loving if you treat and train them well. They are most used for search and narcotic dogs.

*They do appear on aggressive dogs list but personally I don’t think they have a bad nature. They will go well with all member’s of the family and will look after your kids very well.*

Rottweiles were before named as “Rottweil butcher’s dog,” later shorten in Germany. They are large sized working dogs.
They were generally used to guard, cattle hunting and bear hunting.
Later they became famous as Police dogs in U.S. and in Army.
Very protective, loyal and caring towards their owners. They do not except stranger’s easily.
They are not good natured with Childrens. And not recommended for family with small kids.

All this dogs comes under medium to large breed dogs with Agressive Nature. And the research conducted by American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) to assess the dogs for households, family and for adoption. To observe the nature and aggressiveness of the dogs towards other pets and kids.

How to make your dog friendly?
Make your dogs socialize more. Give them enough exercise and never ignore their bad beviour.
Always use hard comand if they make a mistake. Let them meet new people and strangers. And let them play with other dogs in the house and neighbours.
Don’t keep them isolated in a room or kennel. If you want your dog to be friendly with your family make them interact more.
You cannot mold a Adult dog but can a develope a well manner dog if you treat them right since they are a small puppy.

Well the nature of the dogs depends on how the owners treats and train them.
Having a pet is also a responsiblity which some people don’t meet. Looking after your dogs and giving them enought time to build their mind and nature is very important. Some people don’t pay attention to their dogs behaviour and later blame them for being ferocious.
Before you get a dog educate yourself about their breed and pedigree.
It’s not a dog or a breed to be blamed but the owner.

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