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As a Certified Canine Nutritionist from AKC, a specialist in Cat and Dog Nutrition from Animal Care College, Sejal’s goal is to offer a compass of trustworthiness, guiding you through the intricate world of pet care and behaviour decoding, just as I’ve experienced in her own journey.

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There is no particular way in which you can train them. There is different tips and tricks to train different dogs of different breed.
There are some dogs that respond quickly to training habits on there hand some don’t…..

Do you know your dog has blue eyes or an odd eyes? If not we’ll tell you why.
Usually all dogs have Black, Brown or light brown eye color. These eyes color are common.

German Shepherd Dog it was named as Alsatian in Britain until 1977 later to GSD.
It comes in the list of most popular dogs. According to 2013 total: 129,186 was registered (word wide).


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