Why your dog has a unique eye color or odd eyes?

Why your dog has a unique eye colour or odd eyes?

Do you know your dog has blue eyes or an odd eyes? If not we’ll tell you why.
Usually all dogs have Black, Brown or light brown eye color. These eyes color are common.
There are number of genes that can affect the eye colour of your dog.

Amber eye colour.
Amber colour in dogs happens due to eumelanin
Is diluted by the recessive genes. (Dominating genes)
By this it does not mean that your dog is genetically weak.
You will generally see Weimaraner with same eye colour of there coat. Their eye colour is different from other dogs. It might be blue black to golden in shade but gradually chances as they grow adult.

What is eye colour exactly ?
There are different pigments responsible for dfferent eye colour.
They eye colour of your dog Iris is coloured by melanin. (the pigments that gives colour to our skin)

Odd eyes ?
Odd eyes in dogs is also know as Heterochromia.
It might develop due to excess of melanin pigment in one eye and lack in other one.
It may be genetic or develop after a time due to injury. Mostly genetic are the potential reason.

Will that effect my dogs vision?
Not at all. The colour of your dogs eye have nothing to do with their vision.

Blue eyes?
You might have notice Huskies generally have blue eyes. And very common to have blue eyes.
It has been proven that all dogs are born with blue eyes but it gradually changes from 8 to 10 weeks after the birth. Some might still have same eye color after they grow adult. Because some dog retain more blue eye color genes than other. Which is very common in Huskies.
But if both sire (father of animal) and a dam (mother of animal) have blue eye color does not mean that puppy will have the same eye color.

Vision deficiency. 
In some dogs blue eye might indicate poor eye vision but that doesn’t mean your dog will go blind after a certain age.

Can my dog go blind?
Yes, there are certain conditions like Glucoma, Corneal dystrophy and Cataracts which can cause vision loss in your dog.

Tell your vet to prescribed an oinment or an eyedrop and clean your dog’s eye discharge with cotton.
Keep their hair cipped, long hair can poke in their eyes.
Avoid too much of polluted areas. Dust might irritate their eyes and can cause infection.
Always visit your vet before you self examin your pets.

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