All about German Shepherd Dog

All about German Shepherd Dog.

German Shepherd Dog it was named as Alsatian in Britain until 1977 later to GSD.

It comes in the list of most popular dogs. According to 2013 total: 129,186 was registered (word wide).

LifeSpan: 9 to 13 years max.
The life span of any dogs depends on how you take care of you pooch. The regular vist to vet, nutrients and etc.

Colour: Black, Black & Tan, Black & Silver, Grey, Red & Black.
The colour may vary.
While blue & black and Grey and black tan are rare colour. Where as Blue and Grey colour is not generally exceptable for GSD’s and may be not considered for many Kennel Clubs.

Coat: Short, Medium or long Coat. They have thicker hair and undercoat.
They  usually non furry. But have a thick coat.

Eye colour: Majority of dogs from this group has brown eye colour. In very rare cases it may be blue.

Size: Generally they are medium to large size.
24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)
And 45 to 50 kgs in both male and female (Adult)
And weight may also depend on the size.
They come under tha catogery of Herding group also know as Working Group.
Hearding means to look after. And this breed in deed herd after their owners very well. Espically the kids of thr family. And very loving breed. They are very good companions and caring too.

Mostly use for: Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd Dog are nowadays mostly used in Police and Protection dogs. They are build genetically to protect the owners and the people around them.

How to Train?
It’s not at all difficult to train GSD’s.
They response quickly to training habits and obey their trainers.

Loyalty, Courage and Obedience are the 3 words to define this breed correctly.

Structures: GSD can remain as high as 26 crawls at the shoulder and, when seen in layout, displays an image of smooth, elegant bends as opposed to points. The normal walk is a free-and-simple run, yet they can turn it up a score or two and achieve incredible rates.

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