About Pedigree New Jerky Stix.

About Pedigree New Jerky Stix.

Heard about New Pedigree Jerky Stix!! Yes Pedigree has introduce new Meat Stix in 5 different flavours Rosted Lamb, Barbecue Chicken, Grilled liver, Smoked Salmon and Bacon flavour.

Yes they have 4 amazing flavour for our poochs to decide their favourite one. It’s a great way to share happiness and joy. And it claims to Contain protein (min 24%), fat (min 1%), fiber (max 5%) and Moisture (min 20%), these treats make a perfect snack complementing the dog’s daily nutrition.  So it’s full packed with all Nutritions and Trust of Pedigree. It’s made of real meat and flavours.
My baby loves the flavour of Roasted Lamb and Bacon. And currently he’s in love with it. My Dad gives him as a treat for training.

It can be given to all breed Inc Lab, Begal, Gsd, Retrieves and Pug. You can give 2 to 3 sticks in a day. As a treat. It’s a long lasting and tasty snack for your pooch to keep them occupie. (It’s just a snack and not the meal, you need to feed them even after this)

About Jerky Stix: The stixs are soft and chewy texture with lots of yummy taste. And full pack of protein.
It’s much similar like Denta Stix which was introduced by Pedigree few times back for oral care of poochs. Denta Stix has variety for Small, Medium and Large Breed. And Denta Stix Which claim to reduce tartar upto 80% and that products was loved by many poochs. Although DentaStix had no variety of flovours. It came in just 1 single flavour.

Why Jerky Stix and Denta Stix are good ?
Well this will satisfy their instant craving for meat. And will give them good Nutritions with low fat. All chew sticks and Denta Stix gives your poochs good grip and jaw exercise espically to pups and best while TEETHING. Increases the overall oral health.

How much to feed?
Small Breed Dog= 1 Stix per day.
Medium Breed Dog= 2 Stix per day.
Large Breed Dog= 2 to 3 Stix per day.

All with all the goodness this Jerky Stix are pocket friendly too. The price of 1 packet of Jerky Stix (60g) is 120 INR and it’s also availabe in packet of 12 worth rs 1440 INR.

These Stix are also availbe in Amazon. Am posting the link so you can get some extra discount.
Buy through the link to get discount.

And let us know how much and which flavour your pooch loves the most. We would love to hear from you.

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